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Breakthrough Technologies

The only innovations from this list that I knew about before reading the article were the artificial embryos, and the 'AI for everybody'. I think that the artificial embryos would impact society the most. This could let us increase the population exponentially without needing a lot of humans. If we run into a population crisis one day this could save us. The innovation that affects the economy the most is the 3-D printing with metal. This could revolutionize manufacturing as well as inventing things. If you wanted to make a prototype you could use metal to make it functional instead of a plastic model.

The personal AI affects me personally the most because it is everywhere. I have used Siri and Alexa before, and when I actually need to use them they are very helpful. Some people worry about AI becoming too smart, but the day when they are too smart is the day when the whole world is going to rely on computers.
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Internet​ ​is​ ​for​ ​everyone​ ​-​ ​but​ ​it​ ​won't​ ​be​ ​if​ ​Governments restrict access to it, so we must dedicate ourselves to keeping the network unrestricted, unfettered and unregulated. We must have the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear.

This challenge is important to me because if the government restricted access to the internet then our lives would change drastically. Some countries restrict access to all or certain parts of the internet, like North Korea. In North Korea, the government controls the internet, and what information is available to the public. If the government restricted the internet in the United States, then we would no longer have a democracy; it would turn into totalitarianism. If we weren't allowed to use the internet, our knowledge of world affairs and everything that is occurring on a global scale would be very limited, and we would only know what the government would want us to know.

The internet is a massive online forum - somewhere w…

Marconi Center Recap

The thing I found most interesting about the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center was that Marconi invented a tool there that was deemed so powerful that the government felt the need to take it over during the war. It was really cool to learn that with limited power and resources, Marconi was able to contact England from all the way across the Atlantic on Cape Cod. Marconi was very ahead of his time and without him we most likely wouldn't have all of the ways to communicate with one another that we have now.
My favorite exhibit was the Enigma simulator. I knew the basics of how the Enigma worked, but I had never considered that the cipher wheel turned with each keystroke so the combinations were different each time. It was pretty interesting to be able to reenact it yourself, and to be able to figure out the password which would allow you to translate the code. My other favorite exhibit was the drone simulator. I have never flown a drone before so it was cool to see how a drone worked.…


I initially had a problem with the "\n", but I found that once I changed "get_int" to "get_float" the "\n" problem went away.

CS50 Hello World

Using this first test program I learned how to navigate through different folder and different files, and I learned the basics of how the workspace works. I also learned how to save files and type code into the workspace, and I learned how to make the code run.

Adult Interview

My dad said that email was the computing innovation in his lifetime (besides the internet). He said that the way it impacted him was that it made communication much easier. This is very similar to my response because I said that texting made communication easier.


Texting has definitely changed my life because it has given me an easier way to communicate with my friends. When I didn't have a phone to text, I had to rely on my mom to make plans for me. Now, with texting, I can communicate by myself. Some pros of texting are increased communication with friends and being able to receive notifications by SMS. Some cons of texting are that it becomes distracting at times when I am trying to do homework.