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CS50 Hello World

Using this first test program I learned how to navigate through different folder and different files, and I learned the basics of how the workspace works. I also learned how to save files and type code into the workspace, and I learned how to make the code run.
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Adult Interview

My dad said that email was the computing innovation in his lifetime (besides the internet). He said that the way it impacted him was that it made communication much easier. This is very similar to my response because I said that texting made communication easier.


Texting has definitely changed my life because it has given me an easier way to communicate with my friends. When I didn't have a phone to text, I had to rely on my mom to make plans for me. Now, with texting, I can communicate by myself. Some pros of texting are increased communication with friends and being able to receive notifications by SMS. Some cons of texting are that it becomes distracting at times when I am trying to do homework.